November-December 2023

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2024 First Quarter | DAO Mechanism

Our community is crucial to us. Emphasizing transparent management, we commit to activating the DAO mechanism in the first quarter of 2024, allowing our holders to have a say in building the token's future together.


Second Quarter | NFT Collection

We will release our NFT collection for sale. With the proceeds from NFT sales, we will buy and burn tokens, managing this process transparently with our community.


Third Quarter | Let's Take Our Token To The Next Level, Shall We?

It's time to fulfill the promises to our community. Together, we will achieve our goal of listing on both DEX and CEX platforms. Additionally, how about opening up more use cases for the token?


Fourth Quarter | Time To Break The Chain

Time to reach the greatest entertainment – we have a big surprise for you.



Journey into the Story of Goodness and Purity
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Subava Token


Token Information
Token Name : Subava Token
Network : Avalanche
Token Ticker : $SUBAVA
Contract Adress : 0xA2CDe628d7617956EAF
Max Supply : 720,000,000,000 $SUBAVA
Decimals : 18
Tax Fee (constant) : Buy & Sell 3% | 0.5% Burn, 0.5% Team, 0.5% Marketing, 0.5% Reflection, 1% Auto-Liquidity

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We are strong together

Strong comminity, Strong network...

Time to Break the Chains


Mission Statement: Embarking on an odyssey in the vast realm of decentralized finance, SUBAVA TOKEN pledges to redefine the narrative of meme projects. Our mission extends beyond the crypto space; it's a commitment to building a thriving and inclusive community on the Avalanche network...

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